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Linking Products to Templates

Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 5 years ago

Mapping templates with in-house/opensource Products

When you build a Template via Workgroup > Templates > Create. You're asked what Product Size & Colour Type you want.

Every Product in Flyerlink also has a Product Size & Colour Type.

For a Product to be eligible to a Template, the Product Size & Colour Type need to match.

Product Types are groups of Product Sizes to help you find an appropriate size. If you can't find the Product Size you're looking for, you may need to change the Product Type.

Custom Sizes

Flyerlink has hundreds of Product Sizes to choose from when you're building your Template. But if your Template and Product are of an irregular size, or you can't find the right Product Size; you can chose a Custom size.

When you build a Product, the Custom size option enables you to add your own height, width and bleed.

Restricting products available to your template

Once you've chosen your Product Size & Colour Type. You need to choose how many Products you want to be available to your Template.

By default, all Matching Products will be mapped to your Template.

However, you can also restrict to just a few Product Groups, Product Categories or Product Zones.

Matching Customer Permissions

When you build a Product via Workgroup > My Products > Product > Create, you need to choose Customer Permissions.

You also need to choose Customer Permissions on your Template via Workgroup > Templates > View/Amend > Customer Permissions.


Provided there are matching Customer Permissions, you'll be able to see your Product in the filter for which products are available for your Template.


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