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w3p software development roadmap & updates

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 2 years ago

What's this?

We're continually improving w3p Flyerlink and our software systems to make them easier to use, faster or more powerful. We listen to requests from our partners from around the world and we prioritise development according to stuff which has the biggest impact for all of our businesses.

If there's something you'd like our systems to do, which they don't currently do, check the updates below and see if it's on our roadmap. If not, maybe start a new topic on w3pin and suggest your idea? Or you could sponsor custom development.

In progress & coming soon...

The following features are currently in development. That means they've turned from an idea into programming specifications and are being coded.

Some development is easy. Some is hard. Occasionally we start a feature and never release it. Maybe because it doesn't perform well enough, is too complex to use or is made obsolete by something else.

Features on this list may be dependent on others being completed first and sometimes are paused while they wait.

Do not rely on these features being completed and do not plan your business on the basis of them being available any time soon. Every feature is a 'mini research & development' project and has its own challenges. We cannot give a running commentary on how each is progressing, how much is still to do, or give an estimated 'go live' date. We'll tell you as soon as it is live - check below for updates.

These features are in progress:

  • Improved Order & Job UI;
  • Subscription UI update;
  • Worksthing features;
  • WooCommerce product order integration with Flyerlink;
  • Replacing w3pin with Arena;
  • More products supported by FileCheck.

New & recently completed...

The following features are now live. Follow each link to learn more...

Being discussed & future-gazing...

The following features have been suggested by partners or we're considering adding them. Think of them as 'maybes' - they may or may not happen. Some ideas are too expensive to develop and have little chance of a realistic payback. Some might not be technically feasible once they've been evaluated. Some rely on other features to work first, be adopted and be successful. If you are desperate for a feature to make it from this list, consider sponsoring the development.

This is not an exhaustive list. We do not list commercially sensitive projects or minor improvements.

These suggestions are being discussed:

  • Automated hosting pricing bands;
  • More BrandDemand reports for user, template and product engagement;
  • Jobs in production visualisation
  • Go Cardless integrations
  • Packages for A size orders
  • Product stock level report;
  • SSL certificates for w3shops;
  • Buy/manage SSL certificates through Flyerlink;
  • Adding active content updates to Proposals;
  • Annotation of changes with Bulletproof.

These suggestions are being discussed about our Template Editor:

  • Add/remove pages;
  • Change page order;
  • Choose alternative reverses;
  • Build new client templates without using InDesign;
  • Support vector objects as editable images;
  • Support for PDF upload;
  • Switching colour theme of vector & text objects.

Please feel free to ask questions on w3pin, but please note that we can't give you estimates of go live dates or progress.


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