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Product Pricing & Available Products Filter

by Fabrice 6 months ago


This article explains how to adjust the available products and their prices within your w3shop or microsites.

Available products

For each Category with an associated microsite, you'll see a menu option Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > Available Products. This option will not appear for studios.

By default all products are available.


To restrict the product selection:

  1. Remove the All Remaining Products option
  2. Select only the Product Zones, Product Categories and Product Groups you want.

If you choose a Product Zone, you will list ALL products within that zone. Should you restrict the product selection, you'll also need to re-add all the Opensource Products you've set up.

Price changes

By clicking the "edit pricing" link, a pop-up will show allowing you to adjust the prices for that Product Zone, Product Category or Product Group.

You can make changes for a fixed price, or for a percentage of the price.

You can start making adjustment from the products Selling Price, or RRP.

Or you can choose to adjust the price from the Transfer Price, which is how much you will be charged for the product. Remember any negative changes to your Transfer Price will be below cost.

Price changes for Product Groups or Product Categories over-ride those within the Product Zone. So you can increase all Flyers by, say £10, then choose one Product Group to increase by £20.

Markup Percentage for a specific Gross Profit Margin

200% Markup - 50% Gross Profit Margin
66.66% Markup - 40% Gross Profit Margin
42.86% Markup - 30% Gross Profit Margin
25% Markup - 20% Gross Profit Margin
11.11% Markup - 0% Gross Profit Margin

Description changes

For Product Groups only, you can also change the descriptions your customers see.

Simply click the "edit description" link.

Starting from your supplier's marketing, you'll be able to adjust the Product Group name, url-slug, description and Search Engine Optimisation settings to fit your branding.

Any changes to the text will appear on your microsite.


Where do my price changes affect?

Your price changes and product restrictions apply across Flyerlink and your microsite.

In Flyerlink, any customers belonging to the microsite will only be able to create jobs for products that are available. If you've removed Business Cards, your client will not be able to order it through Flyerlink.

On your microsite, only the Product Groups you've selected will show online, and your price changes will show across the site.

You will also only list Templates compatible with products you've made available.

When will my changes take place

Price & description changes can take an hour before they are fully updated on your site.

Templates will update every day, but you may have to wait for all the incompatible templates to disappear.

Please refer to Resource Article 4982 for any question on update speed.




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