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Taking Payments - Setting up w3pay

by Fabrice 2 years ago

Introduction to payment gateways

w3pay enables you to receive automated payments from customers ordering jobs online. Customers enter their payment card details, the money is transferred via Stripe, the payment enters your account and a job with a cashbook is made in Flyerlink.

Flyerlink is integrated with three other payment gateways:
Worldpay, Paypal and Buckaroo:

  • Buckaroo is a European-only payment gateway.
  • Worldpay offers competitive rates for large transaction volumes, however the set-up process is complicated and time consuming.
  • PayPal is well-known and easy to set up.

If you would like advice on setting up these payment methods,
please refer to article 4740.

We recommend using w3pay powered by Stripe, as it is easy to set up with low transaction fees.

w3pay Rates

All transactions are charged a flat fee of 1.4% + 20p.
This is 2% cheaper than PayPal.

How to link Stripe and Flyerlink

We've made it simple to link your cards with Stripe.

Simply go to Workgroup > Admin > Workgroup Settings > Payment Methods. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Tick the option to set "W3PAY ENABLED".
    You might need to disable Worldpay to unlock this option.

  2. Press the Connect with Stripe button.

  3. Either create link to an existing Stripe account.

    Or sign up to a new account by completing a simple form.

    If the Stripe form does not appear, your browser will prefill the details of the last Stripe account you signed into.

    When you create a Stripe account, make sure the website you enter is one matching an email of yours so you can validate this later. EG, if your email address is "" say your website is ""
  4. Click on the Add or Edit w3pay payment methods link

  5. Add at least one payment card. These are the credit and debit cards customers can pay with.

    If you've already added payment cards before step 2, we'll copy the Stripe Access Key & Publishable Key, over for you. Otherwise you can enter a temporary value, unlink your Stripe account and reactivate it. Your payment cards will now automatically be updated with the correct details.

    Currently Stripe can only receive payments from the following payment cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. See FAQs (below) for more details.


  6. Check that the payment cards are listed on your site.

    Consider making a small test payment for a £0.50 OpenSource product. Or using the virtual terminal to make a 50p cashbook for your trading account at Workgroup > Payments > Create Payment.

How does it work?

Once you've linked your Stripe account to Flyerlink and added the payment methods (types of payment card) you want clients to see, your customers will be able to enter their payment card details in an online form.

Once the payment card details are entered, Stripe will check if they are valid, and will quickly transfer funds between bank accounts. Valid payment card details will then be saved, a cashbook will be made in Flyerlink, and you will receieve an email to let you know an order has been placed on your site.

w3pay does not store payment card details; this is handled by Stripe.

Additional Payment Methods

When you sign up to w3pay, you'll no longer be able to use Worldpay.

You can also set up PayPal, as some users trust and would rather use this service. Please read Article 4741 for guidance on setting up PayPal.

Finally you can set up offline payment methods. Please read Article 4745 for more advice.

Viewing Charges

The charges set by Stripe are taken at the time of transaction, however you're able to see how much your charges come to by online in your Stripe account.

Simply login in to your Stripe account dashboard, and on the left hand side click Tranfers. Once in the transfer screen you'll see the Future Transfers highlighted in blue.

Next screen shows you all the transfers associated with that date, click on the blue heading, Stripe Transfer.

You will now see the total fees that will be deducted by Stripe for that particular day.

Stripe are continually developing their system and will allow transactional downloads in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay for each transaction?

You'll be charged a flat rate of 1.4% + 20p.

How large a transaction do I need through Stripe?

You'll need to pay a least £1.00 to make a Stripe payment

Do I need to add any payment icons to my site?

Yes all w3shops using w3pay should show that the payments are secured. Please use one of the icons provided on Resource Article 5102.

What cards can I use for Stripe payments?

United Kingdom businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What do I do if I forget my Stripe Secret Key and Publishable Key?

Firstly, check one of your existing payment cards has the correct Stripe Secret Key and Publishable Key. If it does, simply copy that.

Otherwise, unlink your Stripe account and re-link it.

Why are the API keys different in my account than Flyerlink?

We're using a connected stripe account, so the API keys used for our connection will be different to the ones you see in your Stripe account.

Provided you've pressed the blue Connect with Stripe button and linked your account that way, we will have the correct keys to allocate payments to your account.

What should I do if my API key has been revoked?

If you or your customers see the following error: means that Stripe have revoked your API key.

Log into and you should see a notification explaining why. There will probably be a problem with the details you provided. Resolve the problem and then you can unlink and relink your Stripe account with w3p Flyerlink.

What to do if the card is declined?

There are several reasons a card could be declined by Stripe, the client will likely need to ask their bank for more details. Check out for more information.

How long do Stripe hold my funds?

Funds in a Stripe account are held for 7 days in the UK before being transferred to your business bank account.

What to do if there is an API error?

If there's an API error when someone is paying, you can clear the stripe details we've stored for individual customers in Flyerlink. Head to Workgroup > Customers > View/Amend. In the Nuts & Bolts section, change the customer's category and then change it back again.

If you are getting multiple API errors, you can clear all saved cards and stripe details by relinking your stripe account.

Head to Workgroup > Admin > Workgroup Settings > Payment Methods. Untick Stripe to clear all details, then tick it again and relink to your account.

Any other questions?

Please refer to Stripe's FAQs for a more comprehensive list of answers to questions.



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